Stop Trying to be Like Me, Angie

My sister sent me an article yesterday that quoted Angelina Jolie as saying that since the twins were born this past summer, her older children have been homeschooled.

Isn’t it obvious? The gaggle of small children…the perfect body, hair, and face…the man with movie-star good looks…and now homeschooling?! She’s trying to be ME!

You can stop it now, Angie. I’m totally on to you.

7 Responses to “Stop Trying to be Like Me, Angie”

  1. Albert

    If movie stars were more like you, or some of the other wonderful homeschool mom’s I know, this world would be a MUCH better place.


  2. laura

    LOL….. you make me laugh! she only wishes she could hold a candle to your flame!……her homeschooling room isnt as good because it doesnt have glue sticked paper on the wall…


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