The Surrogate Sharers

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  1. Josh and Dana

    HA! I could really relate to this…I took plenty of communications classes (total waste) and ended up with a significant allocation of time which I also devoted to “snacks and naps.” Funny, I’m realizing now that those two things are very important in surviving a day with a toddler…guess it wasn’t a total waste. Where on earth do you find this stuff?


  2. MovingtoN

    Ironically, I took engineering because I am terrible at communications. Just look at how often I update my blog.All the same, I am good at snacks and naps. I’m like a renaissance man, or something.


  3. Kelly

    You also ROCK at Legos. Brad Pitt could never measure up.Dana, I stumbled across Rhett and Link about two years ago in the blogosphere. They are Christians who make it their business to produce clean comedy. They live in Lillington, NC, and do a lot with Crusade at NC State.


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