A Piper is Down

** ten points if you include the movie referenced above in your comment **

This morning I was moving a bit too fast in the kitchen and slopped hot bacon grease over my thumb joint and halfway up my arm.

Um, burns hurt. Bad.

After a trip to the doctor I learned that I have a second-degree burn over 2-3% of my body, which means that (a) I am on painkillers that make me loopy, (b) I have a blue bandage over my right hand and arm, and (c) I have to go back tomorrow to see exactly how bad it is.

Once it was cleaned and properly wrapped, the pain lessened a bit, and as you are now observing, I am still able to type. 😀

God’s timing is perfect as ever, since my mom is here this week and was able to stay with the kids while David drove me to the doctor.

9 Responses to “A Piper is Down”

  1. Rachael Starke

    OOOOWWWWWW. I am SO sorry. For two reasons – 1. That you burned yourself with one of the most awful things to burn yourself with!!! And I hope that this didn’t turn you off cooking with bacon forever.2. That you would bring back to mind the one incongruous thing that we do not have in common – So I Married An Axe Murderer. I will simply translate the title as “Say Hi To Phil, Who Loves The Same Movie, and So You Have To Love Us Too.I’ll bet I’d love the movie too if I was burned and on painkillers… 🙂


  2. laura

    i am so sorry to hear about that! i hope it is better tomorrow! let us know how we can serve you….. does that mean i have to drive tomorrow night since you are “under the influence”….? hahaha


  3. nicole

    I haven’t even read the post yet, but I had to put the movie reference! SO I MARRIED AN AXE MURDERER! Have been to my blog lately? I also referenced this movie recetnly! 😀


  4. nicole

    OH MY! I’m so sorry! Burns are the worst. I hate them, but I’m with Rachael – hope it doesn’t turn you off to cooking with bacon! 😉


  5. lmngirls

    Get well soon! Did you not know the rule about moms, they’re never allowed to be injured, sick, or in any way unable to do 300 things at once. May you heal quickly!Christina


  6. GrandmaK

    You know I can feel your pain. I did the very same thing in 6th grade with boiling water. We went to the ER and had it dressed. It was most painful. Hoping the best for you! Will see you soon…Cathy


  7. cascadingwaters

    “Only YOOOOUU!”(your brother-in-law will be so thrilled you referenced SIMAAM in your title!)Remember, Bessie said how you wrapped the bandage was very important. Otherwise, you’d already have a giant scar on your arm!(But I’m guessing Mom already reminded you of that!)How do the painkillers jive with the nursing?


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