What Moms Do On Vacation

I am usually behind the camera, so this series of pictures from our trip stuck out to me. The action should look familiar to a lot of you moms, though…

Tend to baby in stroller while keeping a watch on the children near the stingray tank.
(that boy in the hat does not belong to us)
Remind the older children of the importance of listening to the aquarium employees.
(is Jonathan tasting the water here?)

Prevent the toddler from falling into the stingray tank.
(Cameron enjoys getting up close and personal with strangers.)
Back to the stroller.

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  1. cascadingwaters

    And this is why, when you leave the aquarium and someone asks “What was your favorite part?” you start thinking, “Hmmm…when Ben didn’t fall in? When the baby didn’t cry around the shark tank?” and have basically no memories of seeing any fish!


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