Bringing Up Children for God

…[I]n order to qualify yourselves for instructing and preparing your children for God’s service, you diligently study his Word, to ascertain what he requires of them, and frequently pray for the assistance of his Spirit, both for them and yourselves…. [Y]ou will carefully guard against saying or doing anything which may, either directly or indirectly, lead them to consider religion as an object of secondary importance; on the contrary you will constantly labor to impress upon their minds a conviction, that you consider religion as the great business of life; the favor of God, as the only proper object of pursuit, and the enjoyment of him hereafter, as the only happiness; while everything else is comparatively of no consequence, however important it may otherwise be.

–From “Children to be Educated for God” in
The Complete Works of Edward Payson
, Vol. III

One thought on “Bringing Up Children for God

  1. this brought tears to my eyes…..oh… I want our children to know that Jesus is NEVER secondary in our lives, but the very reason we have breath and the only purpose worth living for!


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