In No Particular Order

I’m thankful for…

Candles. The long North Carolina fall. Good Earth tea. My husband. My children. Flannel sheets. My extended family. The freedom to educate my children myself. Old book smell. New book smell. The YMCA pool. Good friends here and everywhere. God’s grace in salvation and sanctification. Sweaters from J Jill. The Square Peg Alliance. Handel. Chocolate. Coffee. Le Crueset cookware. My (still sorta new) gas stove. Laughter that brings tears. Christmas movies. The smell of woodsmoke. Tulips. Tim Keller. Sarah Edwards. Jane Austen. C.S. Lewis. John Piper. Health. My family’s health. Clean water. Avocados. Security. Eternal life. Nigella Lawson. Ina Garten. Grapes. Trash pickup. Baseball. Old hymns. Lobster. Dishwashers. The Nutcracker Suite. Fourth of July fireworks. Blueberries. Red wine. White wine. My little desk. My blog readers.

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