People Smarter Than Me Who Deserve More Readers

I am short on words today, mostly because I have already said, “get back to work” and “leave your brother alone” approximately 4, 279 times.

So here are two friends’ blogs for you to look in on and subscribe to if you feel so moved.





3 Responses to “People Smarter Than Me Who Deserve More Readers”

  1. Rachael Starke

    Oh, wow. No pressure at all.Now I really have to finish this parable I’m working on to sum up the California church’s complete hash up of Prop. 8. Good thing tonight is Phil’s discipleship night – two hours to write. :)And that whole “people smarter than you” concerns me. That just seems too much like a complete falsehood, in my particular case. 🙂


  2. Friend of Cirdan

    Does this mean I have to post regularly now?*sigh*And Rachael, I beat you to it. I already told Kelly I am by definition not a part of any group classified as “smarter than Kelly”. Unless of course that group is about fantasy/sci-fi novels or creative ways to shove more reese’s peanut butter cups into your diet…


  3. Kelly

    Well, I am certain that Rachael and I both would like more information about the Reese’s cups.You both are far too modest!


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