Breakfast Read-Aloud

Since it’s December, I have done away with our usual Bible/poetry breakfast reading (Bible is at night with Daddy right now) and brought out one of my favorite Christmas books: Christmas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quarters.

An excerpt:

In the Big House…
the youngest child asks impatiently, “How long before Christmas, Papa?”
The father smiles. He shows the boy a calendar, and together they count the days to the 25th of December. Thirty-five days!
“Can’t you make Christmas come any sooner, Papa?”

And in the Quarters…
a small child has been asking since strawberry season, “Ma. When will the Big Times come again?”
“Not long after shoe-wearing time.”
“How long will the Big Times last?”
“Massa say as long as the Yule log burns. And we’ve found a big, water-soaked stump down by the creek that should simmer from Christmas Eve to New Year’s. A week of Sundays!”

One thought on “Breakfast Read-Aloud

  1. kelly,do you have any suggestions of good books to read with children at christmas. I would like to build up a holiday selection of books, particularly ones that would help me to explore and talk through the gospel with my girls.thanks!Rachel


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