You know it’s time…

to do laundry when a child comes to you and says, “Mom? Can I have some pants? All I have in my closet is a sweatshirt, a few empty hangers, and my soccer uniform.”

Guess what I’m doing today? 🙂

5 Responses to “You know it’s time…”

  1. michelle

    ha ha ha…sounds like me this morning when i couldn’t find any socks…guess i better go start my load before i empty the dishwasher…


  2. Family Memoirs

    Yes, yes, I can absolutely empathize with your situation!! I knew I needed to do laundry when Andrew announced the other night that the only jammies he had was a pair of boxer shorts and a hockey jersey! Brrr!!!!


  3. Joy

    haha…that happens here, too. Only they usually say all they have are the fancy dress pants, which they refuse to wear even to church.


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