Christmas Faces

That excited face is because Gramma got him a REAL Nutcracker ornament for HIS VERY OWN!
That laughing face is because his hardcore “no video games in my house” wife caved and bought him a wii.
That sweet face is Maddie with her new doll, Stella.

The face behind the pirate dinghy is Andrew, wearing his new helmet.

And that’s Jonathan, in case you couldn’t see his face.
And that face…yeah. What’s happening there? Joy in his gift? Pent up frustration at his older brother? Ecstasy at reenacting medieval times?

6 thoughts on “Christmas Faces

  1. I can’t believe how many other usually firm, wise women I know got their husbands Wiis for Christmas….! Did they all have some secret meeting somewhere?Have to admit – Super Mario Kart is reaaaally fun… now I’m just waiting for Wii Fit to arrive….Gaaah – it’s a virus!


  2. No it was me. 🙂 Don’t love the movie, but how can you deny the absolute truth of a line like that – especially when it seems to fit! Seriously, my mother knew what one was because they had gotten one at the house she was at on Christmas Day.My mother.This is going to have something to do with Barack Obama and the coming revolution, I just know it.


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