The Right Measure

Tim Challies begins a spiritual application with a gripping true story.

One thought on “The Right Measure

  1. Another true story, and though not nearly so gripping, I hope meaningful, all the same. This was another perspective on the example Challies shared about measurement and the standards to which we compare those measurements.Two weeks ago, a co-worker came to me claiming that the test results of a recent part were odd, and part appeared to be terribly bad. After some time of speculation of what could be wrong with the machine or the operation of the machine, we decided to check the “Ideal File”. The ideal file tell our test system what the perfect part should look like. It turns out that a sign (pos/neg) was flipped on one of the Ideal File terms, and thus we were evaluating the part against a flawed “Ideal.”My initial spiritual applications are a few:1. Am I measuring myself against the right standard.2. If I ever find myself measuring up well against the “Ideal”, I had better improve my understanding of the standard.3. In the spiritual realm, we cannot change the standard, but my understanding of the standard and the file (my theology) always needs to change.


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