Two-Thousand Eight

I was inspired this morning to write down some of my “best”s from the year that ends at midnight tonight. Feel free to make up your own list and leave me a link!

Best Read. I couldn’t pick just one book, and it was difficult to shave it down to three, but I did it. I posted back in April about my love affair with the book Gilead. It is the most recent book that I remember thinking, “I don’t want to read anymore, because I don’t want it to be over!”. My second choice is C.J. Mahaney’s Humility, which was one of those books that I wished I could immediately import directly into my brain and spirit…so convicting and true. Lastly, I am just finishing up Tim Keller’s The Reason for God, and people who’ve seen me in the last month know that I am recommending it to everyone! It is refreshing to read an apologetics book that is both Biblically sound and humble. Never have I been prouder to lie and call Tim Keller my uncle.

Best Movie. In May, we saw “Bella” for the first time and it was so beautiful that I didn’t want to watch any more movies for a long time afterward. I just wanted to savor the aftertaste for a while.

Best Listen. Two of my favorite artists came out with new albums this year: Andrew Peterson with his Resurrection Letters, Vol. II, and Sandra McCracken’s Red Balloon. Other than that, there are still the old standards in my collection: the soundtrack to Les Miserables, The Builder and the Architect, and Harrod and Funck.

Best TV. “The Office” continues to make us laugh, and with Jim and Pam’s recent engagement, I have found a lot more reasons to sigh contentedly.

Things learned. I can only do so much (I have to learn this every day, it seems). People will think what they will about me, and I can’t change that. I need to write more stuff down. A room that houses four boys under eight can go from cleaned up to completely destroyed in less than five minutes. The Weinermobile is an excellent backdrop for pictures of children in ill-fitting plastic ponchos.

(this picture is from my post on Speed Street, and it still makes me laugh)

…Reading and writing feed my spirit and mind. I need the Gospel every day. Cast iron cookware isn’t that hard to use, and it’s wonderful. Algae eaters eat other fish.

Welcome, 2009! Here’s to non-carnivorous fish!

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  1. michelle

    I watched Bella from your recommendation and LOVED it. I watched it twice before I sent it back and within 24 hours, because I wanted Mike to see it too. Amazing!


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