Big Day

I have my hands full today (I mean, more than usual), but it was sort of unavoidable.

First, it’s our first day back to school since before Christmas. This makes me feel like I’m pushing water uphill. Stop playing, don’t get distracted (mommy, either!), and get back to work.

Second, Cameron greeted me with some big news this morning (two weeks short of his eighth birthday):

Third, Maddie had some delicious food today (organic brown rice cereal…yum!)

…with some help from big brothers.

And here’s what Jonathan looks like today.

So, yeah…there’s plenty to accomplish around here today. Praise the Lord for the grace to calm down and take one hurdle at a time.

5 thoughts on “Big Day

  1. Kids milestones = even more work for Mommy. And all of it on a Monday. Well done kids. :)And may I delicately inquire if that picture of Spidey on Jonathan’s posterior actually has Spidey doing his web-firing thing, ahem, out of Jonathan’s… well, given that these are boy underwear, I am 100% certain that was intentional on the manufacturer’s part.And oh dear, just to warn you – my verification word?undrye.No kidding.


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