The Difference of Grace

If you don’t want to read the entire book The Reason for God, pick the chapter “Religion and the Gospel.” An excerpt:

There is, then, a great gulf between the understanding that God accepts us because of our efforts and the understanding that God accepts us because of what Jesus has done. Religion operates on the principle “I obey — therefore I am accepted by God.” But the operating principle of the gospel is “I am accepted by God through what Christ has done — therefore I obey.” Two people living their lives on the basis of these two different principles may sit next to each other in the church pew. They both pray, give money generously, and are loyal and faithful to their family and church, trying to live decent lives. However, they do so out of radically different motivations, in two radically different spiritual identities, and the result is two radically different kinds of lives.

In which camp are you?

2 Responses to “The Difference of Grace”

  1. Rachel

    Our pastor encouraged us to read this book, it is a great insight into different attitudes towards God. I think understanding that more helps us share the gospel more effectively and also examine our own hearts and motivations. The section you highlighted, is at the heart.


  2. Rachael Starke

    Ah yes, the other Keller writer I love. 🙂 This and the Prodigal God together make him my favorite writer to recommend to unbelievers, particularly younger ones.Is is it just my imagination, or are there all of a sudden a lot of wonderful “younger” preacher/theologians ready to pick up for guys like Piper and Boice and Sproul et al? Kind of makes me just a tad hopeful.


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