Miracle on the Hudson

Reports I read this morning said that the plane missed the GW bridge by less than 900 feet.

Is it any doubt that God placed that pilot — the one with hours controlling a glider, the one with military-trained nerves — on that plane?

Simply amazing.

8 Responses to “Miracle on the Hudson”

  1. Beth

    Yeah, we are marveling at that, too. It is not often that I am in tears reading the Charlotte Observer in the morning, but when I read the articles in the paper today, I couldn’t help but choke up in awe at the amazing grace, mercy, and providence of God!


  2. Anonymous

    Why do you suppose that God didn’t divert those geese? Why did he choose instead to terrorize a plane full of people?Marla


  3. Anonymous

    Was God good when he allowed my friend’s husband to be buried alive in a construction accident? Do you think that God could have chosen to let someone more careful drive that bulldozer just like he put that pilot in that plane yesterday; and if he could have and chose not to, how can we understand that as something good? Where was God’s amazing grace and mercy that day?Dawn


  4. michelle

    I don’t want to completely highjack Kelly’s post. This is something that I have been in awe of and cried over all day. It’s been so heavy on my heart the awesomeness of the accident, the rescue, the pilot. It’s just incredible. Marla and Dawn bring up some things that I have mulled around in my own head. Wrestling with God’s soveriegnty and how He allows things to go wrong and the pain that we wrestle with. God’s amazing grace and mercy is there when terrible awful things are happening. Our son died the day after he was born. Where was God’s grace and mercy that day? I didn’t know then, but I know now that without that pain and hurt (that I still struggle with) I would not have come to love, respect and worship Him the way I do now. God’s mercy and grace is on display in the bad times when it’s harder to see it. I don’t think God’s grace and mercy is ever absent here on earth, however I do think that in tragedy and hardship it’s harder to see His grace and mercy when something so terrible has happened. Because of our sin, struggle, hardship, heartbreak and death is going to be something that we are going to have to deal with till we see our Creator. In whatever form it is in our life it’s going to be hard, but God is always gracious and merciful. Always.


  5. Kathy

    When the path of life has taken bad and good turns, I always come back to the sovereignty of God. I rest in it. I need it. And was thankful that His will was done in this case. I was pretty frightened when I heard about it.Sorry for the random comment. I enjoy your blog! Blessings!


  6. Kelly

    Thanks to all you ladies for your input! I think you said it better than I could.I would encourage anybody struggling with the question, “how could a good God allow suffering?” to read the chapter of that same title in Tim Keller’s A Reason for God. He argues, in part, that the very fact that we have a sense of right vs. wrong, just vs. unjust is evidence for God rather than against God.I do not mean to minimize the suffering that anyone has gone through. This life is hard, there is no doubt. Children precede their parents to the grave. Husbands leave their wives widowed. I am grateful that the circumstances surrounding this flight did not cause that to happen, but God would not be less good to me if it did.


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