A List! How Thrilling!

  1. I cannot find the camera cord to upload the pictures of the kids playing in the snow. This is a tragic development, but I feel we will recover — both from our devastation and the cord.
  2. Today is the day that I’ve delayed for about ten years. I’m getting my wisdom teeth out at 11:30 this morning. I have only two, both on top, and they’ve descended quite a bit. Pretty much everyone has assured me that that’s the easiest situation if there has to be one. I plan to mimic my mother’s example (eating a full meal that evening) rather than my father’s (dry sockets, general horror) as much as possible.
  3. We are in the midst of minor home improvements here and there…we had a backsplash installed last week (!) and we’ve painted the kitchen. Tomorrow we will attempt a paint job in the GIANT Master bedroom currently occupied by the boys. I have felt mother’s guilt (we’re good at that, aren’t we?!) about the nicely decorated room Maddie has occupied for months while they live in a plain, seemingly unloved space. They don’t seem to notice or care, but I think they’ll be excited by the change. I hope to show you all pictures of the finished products (please refer to #1 for a reminder of why these might be delayed).
  4. Jonathan took only about four days to be out of diapers when we finally started. Oh happy day.
  5. I am still plunging ahead on People are Big, but I haven’t taken the time to put some journal entries together into a post. I hope to do so soon!

Have a great weekend!

Whoops! I just wanted to add these videos…I don’t usually watch Ellen, but I wanted to see these people interviewed. There was such a feeling of awe surrounding the events, but this interview really drove home that these were just normal people like me…I love the guy who was in the exit row!

6 Responses to “A List! How Thrilling!”

  1. Joy

    I can’t find our cord either. I’ve been removing the memory card and offloading from that.


  2. michelle

    I hope that you have the “best meal you’ve ever swallowed” this evening or tomorrow. Remember who said that?


  3. Rachael Starke

    Praying everything goes well and that you don’t look like I did after my surgery – if you find that cord you’ll want to bury it in the backyard. šŸ™‚


  4. Amy

    Hi Kelly,Hope the surgery went well. I had that done in high school – bruised, chipmunk cheeks for a little while.:)Hey, what is your potty training secret? I need to start Daniel doing #2 on the potty – he absolutely hates it. Any tips would be MUCH appreciated!Love,Amy


  5. Kelly

    No secrets, Amy…this time was the easiest because it was the oldest child I ever trained. Just M&M's, lots of cheering, and some patience. J had four cheerleaders, so it made it very easy.


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