Scene: General discussion of Jesus’ death on a cross for our sins (we’re reading John’s Gospel at breakfast right now). Andrew says he wishes that we didn’t sin so Jesus didn’t have to die.

Mommy: Yes, that would be nice, but even if we didn’t sin, we would still need a Savior because all of humanity became sinners when Adam and Eve sinned.
Andrew, gravely serious: I am very disappointed that they couldn’t stop eating from the tree.

Scene: Mommy reading to Cameron and Ben from Our Island Story, the signing of the Magna Carta, specifically concerning King John (Lackland)’s death.

Mommy (reading): A few days later John died. Some say that he died of anger and grief, others that he was poisoned, others that his death was caused by eating a great many raw peaches and by drinking a quantity of new cider too greedily.

Ben: TOO MANY RAW PEACHES!!! HA HA HA HA!!! (entire couch dissolves into giggles)

Mommy struggles to finish the chapter through giggles and hiccups. Ah, homeschooling, I love thee.

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