Things I Never Stop Saying

Every once in a while I post some of these to make me feel better. Feel free to comment and add your own. That’ll make me feel better, too.

  • Sit down.
  • You don’t take…ask first.
  • Shhh!
  • It’s not a race.
  • Are you thinking of yourself or others?
  • Sit down.
  • Is that a wise or foolish choice?
  • Keep looking until you find it.
  • Shhh.
  • You can do it by yourself.
  • Look at your brother…did that make him happy?
  • Put your bottom on the chair.
  • Wow, look at this room.
  • Get back in bed.
  • I said, get back in bed.
  • We can hear you up there!
  • What are you doing? What are you supposed to be doing?
  • Don’t leave it there…put it away.
  • Please ask Mommy to help you empty the poop out of the potty.

And the nice ones…(believe it or not, these do happen)

  • I love you.
  • Great job, buddy! (I think Maddie will just adjust to being called “buddy” because it’s gone too far by now)
  • Good obedience!
  • Great reading!
  • Wow, look at this room!

6 Responses to “Things I Never Stop Saying”

  1. Rachael Starke

    “Be…. what?””Do everything without….what?””You must love your sisters more than you love your [insert totally worthless tiny object here].””Because I am Magic Mommy.”And you can probably tell what kind of day we’re having because I can’t think of any nice ones. I am not Magic Mommy at the moment – more like Hormonal Mommy…


  2. Gabby

    I say those things all the time.I also say to my husband, “Is it just me or are they trying to drive us crazy?”I am suspicious sometimes.


  3. Beth

    I’m not saying the things on your particular list much anymore…except for “keep looking til you find it.” Instead, I say things like:Did you take out the trash yet?Please clean out the kitty litter.Do you have your toothbrush? (when they leave to go overnight somewhere.Whose day is it for dishes?Are these dishes clean or dirty? Whose socks are these?Take all your things in from the car.What time is soccer practice?When am I supposed to pick you up?What time DID you go to bed?But, I well remember all the ones on your list šŸ™‚


  4. Melanie

    Nice ones:Look what you did!!!! Great job, buddy!I’m so proud of you!Not-so-nice ones:Clean up your kitchen.Please get in bed.You need to choose to obey.Mommy does not resond to whining.Are you sharing?


  5. Joy

    Slow down [while eating].Use your fork.Use your napkin.No, you can’t have a snack. You just ate breakfast.Try, just try, to eat like a human being.And the most common ones right now:Do you need to pee? Are you sure?STOP chewing your fingers!


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