Ben’s been coming up with some doozies lately…here’s the latest…

Scene: Mom and three oldest boys weeding the garden and turning the soil over. Ben is on a roll, pulling out big weeds and making sure the roots come with them.

Mom: Wow, Ben! You’re doing a great job!
Ben: Yeah! I am really strong!

(pause, more weeding)

Ben: When I am really strong and pulling out weeds, I like to call myself Satan Boy.
Mom: Wha..Satan Boy?!
Ben: Yep! I like to call myself Satan Boy because I am pulling really hard on the weeds and they’re coming up!
Mom: Hmmm…

(another pause, more weeding while Mom racks her brain for why he said that)

Ben: Or…who was that guy in the Bible who was really strong?
Andrew: Samson!
Ben: That’s right. I like to call myself Samson Boy.

OOOOOHHHHH. Well, O.K. then.

8 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. It’s okay Kelly, Noelle came out in a dress up princess dress today and told me she was ready to go to a “bar.” I panicked, a bar, really a bar, she kept saying it, you know like Cinderella… oh a ball, just spoken by a 3yr old who has a slight speech impediment. Shwew, thought I’d really blown it somehow for a minute! Maybe she and Satan Boy can meet up at a bar sometime and hang out.Christina


  2. ROTFLOL! That’s what I love about kids! Both of those stories were hilarious. Thanks for making me belly laugh today!!!


  3. I do love how the child’s mind works. They are serious in their intent no matter how they verbalize it. I like Ben as Samson Boy! Thanks! Will try to comment more frequently. I do love to visit! You are my mentor! Cathy


  4. Wow…there are lots of “s” words that can get you into trouble! (although that mix up had never occurred to me…I’ll be on the look out for that in the future)


  5. Emily the other day called our pastor’s wife a Philistine.She’s from Manila.Personally, I think God lets our kids bless us with comic relief to compensate for the times they, well, do the opposite of bless us with frustrating naughtiness. 🙂


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