Ben’s been coming up with some doozies lately…here’s the latest…

Scene: Mom and three oldest boys weeding the garden and turning the soil over. Ben is on a roll, pulling out big weeds and making sure the roots come with them.

Mom: Wow, Ben! You’re doing a great job!
Ben: Yeah! I am really strong!

(pause, more weeding)

Ben: When I am really strong and pulling out weeds, I like to call myself Satan Boy.
Mom: Wha..Satan Boy?!
Ben: Yep! I like to call myself Satan Boy because I am pulling really hard on the weeds and they’re coming up!
Mom: Hmmm…

(another pause, more weeding while Mom racks her brain for why he said that)

Ben: Or…who was that guy in the Bible who was really strong?
Andrew: Samson!
Ben: That’s right. I like to call myself Samson Boy.

OOOOOHHHHH. Well, O.K. then.

8 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. It’s okay Kelly, Noelle came out in a dress up princess dress today and told me she was ready to go to a “bar.” I panicked, a bar, really a bar, she kept saying it, you know like Cinderella… oh a ball, just spoken by a 3yr old who has a slight speech impediment. Shwew, thought I’d really blown it somehow for a minute! Maybe she and Satan Boy can meet up at a bar sometime and hang out.Christina


  2. I do love how the child’s mind works. They are serious in their intent no matter how they verbalize it. I like Ben as Samson Boy! Thanks! Will try to comment more frequently. I do love to visit! You are my mentor! Cathy


  3. Emily the other day called our pastor’s wife a Philistine.She’s from Manila.Personally, I think God lets our kids bless us with comic relief to compensate for the times they, well, do the opposite of bless us with frustrating naughtiness. 🙂


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