More Trip Pictures

Behold the cousins! Every last one of them!
The farmhouse lawn = rolling hill (“get out of the road, kids!”)

Behold the great-grandchildren! Every last one of them!
(that’s nine, for those of you at home…the redhead on Pop’s lap is my cousin’s son; all the others belong to my sister and me)

Sweet moment during singing “Happy Birthday”…Andrew was singing adoringly right into Pop’s face, and Pop reached over to tickle him.

Then we headed for the barn

Jonathan and his cousin fed a holstein calf

He also fed a lamb

He was being called “farmer boy” by the end of the day

3 thoughts on “More Trip Pictures

  1. Has Jonathan found his calling???Great pictures of such a treasured time! It looks like you had a wonderful time. And what a beautiful passel of kids!


  2. Note that Mara knew just where the camera was during the singing :)With those overalls, that kid was dressed for it. If you lived closer, Sandy would be getting him up at dawn to do it every day!One grandchild for every decade!


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