Confession Time

This week we’re doing standardized testing to fulfill the law for homeschool families here in North Carolina.

So I was wondering, what was your experience with tests in school? Did you love ’em? Hate ’em? Stay up all night worrying? Sleep like a baby?

And the real question is….how did you do on your SAT’s?

10 Responses to “Confession Time”

  1. Friend of Cirdan

    I was absolutely, positively awful at testing for most of my academic career. Whether it was from some in-borne drive to prove myself to others or an over-developed desire to succeed I drove myself into such fits of nervousness that I could (and often did) make myself physically ill.And thus can you imagine how well I did on my SAT’s. 1010. And that was after taking it twice!Of course, I’m a walking example of how accurate a measure of ‘aptitude’ these standardized tests really are. After that whopping performance all I did was go on to school at Northeastern and graduate summa…But the good news is that I’ve really grown up and am not still bitter toward standardized testing or my SAT score 15 years later, as this comment clearly shows 😛


  2. laura

    i wasnt terrible at testing. i never stressed and didnt really study because i never knew where to even begin…. and if i didnt get it now, i wasnt going to get it. I usually had average or above average results on my grid.SAT…different story than my private school standardize tests. took it without any prep and made a 980. took a SAT prep course that summer and with some combination of scores, made 1110


  3. stacey

    wow..this is confession 🙂 i never really minded testing until high school. then i would stay up late studying & wake up looking at my notes again and kept reading them over & over until i walked through the door of the classroom. SAT – didn't prep as much, other than some practice tests. it's one of those things you can't study for and i don't like those. i think i made in the 1100's the first time and 1270 the second time.


  4. Rachael Starke

    So here’s where I once again put on my “well, I wasn’t raised or eddykated in this furrin’ country!” Akubra hat and declare SAT scores the second most arbitrary, unrelated to anything number out there (the first being, of course, the number on the scale. 🙂 )Not that I have an opinion or anything. :)Seriously, I took the SATS as the equivalent of a Jr. to be able to submit it for college entry, and did quite well – took all the recommended prep tests and those really helped.But they didn’t quantify my level of education. Or even my ability to learn or reason. They just tested my ability to regurgitate word patterns and facts.I saw this just yesterday for the first time with our 8 y.o. She has a Bible test, of all things, and so her review consisted of filling in blanks and multiple choices. And whenever I deviated at all from the pattern (changed in the fill in the blank to a different word, or offered up different options for A. B. and C. than what she’d studied), it drove her nuts. I reminded her that the goal is not to just repeat what’s on the page; the goal is to know her Bible!What was Barack Obama’s SAT score, I wonder. 🙂


  5. nicole

    Tests in school…never really stressed muched about them. I’m sure my mother stressed enough for both of us! 😉 I did above average in school – not bad for hardly ever studying!! SAT – HA! I’m sure the night before the test is something I shouldn’t talk about on here. And I’m sure I didn’t eat a healthy breakfast, or any breakfast for that matter, before I sat down to take it. I think I scored a whopping 940! I didn’t take it again. That with my ACT score was enough to get me into the school I had applied to.Graduate school though! I’d just like to redeem that POOR SAT score by saying that I graduated from grad school with a 4.0! 🙂


  6. Scotty and Lisa

    I did well on tests in school if I studied quite a bit beforehand. Like Stacey, I would continue to look over my notes until the last second, then promptly forget everything afterward. I enjoyed tests more that made you think (like writing/essay tests) and not so much memorization. SATs stressed me out a bit cause I always felt I wasn’t good at standardized material (basically, proving I could retain a lot of info), but I came out with 1270, 27 on ACT. I’m so glad those days are over! 🙂


  7. GrandmaK

    I never had to take the SAT as I took an entrance exam to get into nursing school…I was usually a wreck during testing. I was/am a very bad “test-taker.” Luck and prayers to you and the boys! Cathy


  8. Kelly

    For the record, I kind of thought the SATs were fun, except for the part about keeping quiet for three hours and no snacks. My best score was 1250 combined.And of course, as homeschoolers we are terribly against-the-grain and don’t do any other testing all year. I don’t think my kids really know what a “grade” is.


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