What A Difference A Week Makes

These pictures were taken exactly one week apart, on successive Mondays at the beginning of the month.

9 Responses to “What A Difference A Week Makes”

  1. Dorci Harris

    She’s still adorable even when she’s crying. Hey, I finally got around to making those pork chops. Very good!


  2. Rachael Starke

    OH! Could that child be any more adorable?! You know that the true sign of an objectively adorable baby is one that is as cute wailing as she is just sitting? :)And that’s quite the weather transition!


  3. nicole

    SWEET SWEET girl…seeing these pictures makes me a little (OK a lot) sad. I know we haven’t seen you guys much since we moved to our new house, but at least we knew we could see you. In a week and a half, pictures is all we get. 😦


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