The picture I posted yesterday is from a trip to the Concord Memorial Garden. I got only a few wispy, dreamlike ones like that one of Maddie. Mostly, the pictures looked like these:

Are we done yet?

Maddie crying, Andrew and Cameron trying too hard, Jonathan contemplating life

Nice picture of my friend’s son, but what is happening in the background?

Not. Happy.

Oh dear.

And there it is again.

5 Responses to “Outtakes”

  1. Dorci Harris

    Lol! Those are awesome! Even the one with the crying. Love that look on the one with the yellow tie (Cameron?) They’re just beautiful.


  2. Amanda

    Hey, Kellers!I’ve been deficient with staying in touch … but wanted to at least do a blog catch-up this Easter Evening. How I miss you guys–and YOUR guys! They have grown up so much, especially Ben. He almost looks like a different boy (well, and Andrew, too, in these pix =-). Still have the photo-singles of the kids on my fridge with their drawings, so I think of you often. I pray I’ll be able to visit NC sometime soon. Love, (Miss) Amanda


  3. GrandmaK

    What wonderful pictures!! Always loved the Easter pics…They are handsome AND beautiful! Cathy


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