When You Know the Notes to Sing…

I was catching up on the news this morning, getting a little hot under the collar about that sanctimonious CNN reporter who decided to lecture the protesters in Chicago yesterday (liberal bias? what liberal bias?), when I happened upon this on my friend Christina’s blog.

And it made me happy. So I decided to post this instead.

Ahhh….that’s better.
Who organizes these things? And more importantly, HOW CAN I BECOME INVOLVED IN ONE?

5 Responses to “When You Know the Notes to Sing…”

  1. Dorci Harris

    Now how did they do that?? That’s what we need in our country – less whining and politics and more singing and dancing. I love that movie, btw.


  2. Amanda

    Thanks for this, Kelly. I don’t know if I was more delighted by the dancers or the people watching them.


  3. Rachael Starke

    My understanding is that this is actually the European version of a TMobile commerical. Found the original on YouTube and it’s just as good.I think this might be the only time I’ve loved a viral commercial!!!When you come to California we’ll do one in the airport. 🙂


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