hack, hack, hack

The above title has nothing to do with computer hacking, in case you were worried. If I had to hack a computer, I would use a hatchet, so little do I know of computer thingies.

No, the “hacking” is pouring forth from the mouths of our children who have been struck down with the fever/congestion/cough thingy that’s going around. I think David and I got about three hours’ sleep each last night. It was a wild few hours what with all the medicine and home remedies flying around.

(“thingy” usage count: 2)

Remember my Vicks’-on-the-feet home remedy? The one that worked every time? It was rendered ineffective by this strain of yuck. So, greasy hands and feet and socks for nothing.

Andrew’s fever got high enough last night that he was breathing rapidly — I know that’s OK when a fever is present, but it makes me nervous. He was also coughing so hard this morning that he threw up. Poor thing is miserable.

And the washer’s dying. And they can’t come fix it until Thursday morning. AND there’s a business trip looming on the horizon.

But in happier news, Maddie’s tooth finally popped through her gum this morning!!!

II Corinthians 4:16: “So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.”

2 thoughts on “hack, hack, hack

  1. Hang in there, Kelly. This too will pass, hackless days ahead. Too bad about the Vicks not working, though. Maybe you should do the Anne of Green Gables thing and fry up lots of onions and make compresses : )If you need to wash a load of clothes before Thursday, come on over!


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