Things That Happen While Daddy’s Away on Business

  1. Mommy stays up too late. Doing nothing productive, just avoiding going to bed alone.
  2. The DVDs of “Jon and Kate Plus 8” go to the top of the Netflix queue.
  3. Peanut butter and jelly becomes a viable dinner option.
  4. Bedtime (for the kids) comes earlier.
  5. Mommy makes a huge, overly-ambitious to-do list at the beginning of the time of separation, anticipating all the great things she’s going to do while Daddy is away and won’t he be so SURPRISED when he gets home.
  6. Reality sets in and Mommy realizes that one or two things done on the list is pretty great, especially considering the five children and all.
  7. Daddy calls and life stops. Everyone asks for their turn to talk, and Daddy patiently listens to everyone, even those who think that a nod or a shrug can be “heard” through the phone.
  8. The house alarm sees a lot more activity.
  9. Mommy tries to structure the days so that she has some accountability for keeping things on track every day. Visitors and playdates are helpful, and they keep everyone from bouncing off the walls.
  10. Mommy spends too much time reading internet news reports about the swine flu and drags all five children through Quite Possibly the Worst Wal-Mart in North America at dinnertime to buy more bleach and Purell. (I’m laughing, too, but it really happened. Yesterday.)
  11. Your turn….

7 thoughts on “Things That Happen While Daddy’s Away on Business

  1. On the way home from an outing, Mommy and two boys stop at the grocery store to pick up one item. Mommy decides to let the hungry boys to pick out something they like and we come home with deli fried chicken, Ruth’s cole slaw, store bakery rolls and a ready made cookies and cream pie to eat for a late Sunday evening dinner. Two boys remark that there really IS something to this idea of the youngest ones remaining at home getting things the older ones never did when there were more children around!


  2. Dinner dishes get done after breakfast the next morning….The scent of noxious beautifying chemicals like nail polish and hair masks waft gently over the family room….Hmmm, maybe it’s time to suggest Phil needs some more “facetime” with his guys on the East Coast. 🙂


  3. Beth, as a younger sibling four years behind my only sister, I can completely relate to what the boys felt at that moment! :-)R, sounds like your house turns into a spa when Phil’s gone!


  4. Mommy drinks way too much coffee/tea the next morning, because she stayed up too late to avoid going to bed alone. Mommy also plans for her single friends to take turns coming over each night to watch chick flicks.Mommy finds that late night TV isn’t nearly as funny as it use to be. What happened to Jack Handy?


  5. “Momma, since Dad is away, can we have cheese?!”I should explain that Colin is lactose-intolerant, so we don’t do dairy for dinner. But when Dad’s out of town, mac n’ cheese can be dinner.Also, going out for ice cream.


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