My Souvenir

My husband brought me a darling tea-towel from London with a map of the underground (i.e., subway) on it, because I’m “going to need to know it when we get there.”

Did you notice the “when” in that sentence? 🙂

Anyway, I love funky kitchen things, as he well knows, so it was a hit. I’m going to make it into an apron, I think.

Speaking of tea towels, I am tempted to buy a few more from this site and make them into aprons, too: To Dry For

4 Responses to “My Souvenir”

  1. Rachel

    Kelly,I am sure you will get to London one day, and once you know you are going, please email me. I now live in CA, but am English and lived in London for 7 years and still have family there, so contact me for any information you may need :)The London tube is crazy isn’t it. It took me a few months of living there to figure out the map!rachel


  2. Amy

    Kelly, I love the Mr. T tea towel! That would make a great “man”apron, you know for manly cooking like bbqing, etc. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you soon!


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