Random Pictures

I haven’t been posting many pictures on here lately. So here are a few stream-of-consciousness pictures along with captions. Please do not try to make sense of anything.

Here is a cake my friend Laura made. She’s, like, wicked talented and stuff.

For some reason I love this picture of Jonathan.

Here are some cupcakes I made for April Fools’ Day (from the book, Hello, Cupcake!)
When first she encountered them, Maddie despised carrots.

Andrew, however, adores graham crackers.
If you are fighting with light sabers, remember that Plo Koon is the coolest Jedi. I always put in a good word for Mace Windu, though, because, um…hello? Samuel L. Jackson. ‘Nough said.

Here are my Valentine’s Day roses.

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  1. Rachael Starke

    Laura’s cake I totally got and admired right away.Your cupcakes…took a few seconds.Then I suddenly got those too!!!Cue the second helping of admiration – those are great.As are the pictures. Y’know, I’m so excited that you’re coming out our way, but those pix make me so nostagic for the whole Keller fam. I still have this great picture of Em and Cam holding hands at the Fourth of July thing we went to – I’m still holding out hope for the day I can put it up next to another picture of them holding hands in very fancy clothes…. 🙂


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