When People Are Big and God is Small– a question

This week’s entry on this book is going to be much simpler than usual; I hope it will also be beneficial to the reader. I’ve been chewing on this all week.

In the current chapter, Welch describes a realization he had one week in church when a pastor asked the question, “How much do you think about God?”.

That may seem at first glance like a dumb question for Christians, but think again. How many of your thoughts on a daily basis are about God Himself, and how many of your thoughts center around you as a Christian? Does your quiet time descend into a to-do list for self-improvement (mine often does)? How much time do you spend thinking thoughts about God’s nature, His character, or His faithfulness to you?

Don’t get me wrong. I think that the application of Scripture to the details of our lives is great. My observation, however, is that these principles are not always embedded in the fear of the Lord. The result is that our goal can be self-improvement rather than the glory of the Holy God.
We need more sermons that leave us trembling.

–Welch, p. 96

2 thoughts on “When People Are Big and God is Small– a question

  1. You know, I’ve been thinking about the same thing recently. Only because I’m discipling a new believer who isn’t “churched” and I want her to have a solid, foundational understanding of WHO God is and not just what He does. Trying to teach someone else is VERY revealing. His character is something I’ve gotten away from meditating on though I’m constantly meditating on how I am doing. As a result, we’re getting ready to start a book together that really focuses in on God’s character and attributes.Thanks for sharing this…good things to think about!


  2. Funny – I’ve been thinking through that very idea over the last few months – tied in with a much deeper understanding of the doctrine of regeneration.It’s unlocked a much greater commitment to sanctification than I even thought it would. Good to be reminded again…


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