Happy Cow Creamery

A couple of weeks ago we went on a field trip to a dairy in South Carolina. The farmer had an interesting tale about how he went from one of the top commercial producers in SC to almost losing his farm to reinventing his operation as a completely organic, pasture-fed dairy.

This shows the name “High Hopes Farm,” but it’s now called “Twelve Aprils Farm.”

on the wagon ride

Maddie in her strawberry bonnet

Since the farm went completely over to pasture feeding practices, they didn’t need the silo anymore. So they built the creamery inside the silo. Here is where they bottle their milk, buttermilk, and chocolate milk (which was HEAVENLY!).

This is a terrible picture but it shows the award for sustainable agriculture they won.


All in all it was a fascinating trip! David and I both had doubts about traveling that far (two hours plus) for a field trip to a farm, when we could have gone somewhere closer. But we were delighted to be proved wrong!

Twelve Aprils Dairying

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