Phriday Photos of Our Phabulous Phloors

Here are some pictures of the new floors…

Tile in the bathroom

Same tile in the kitchen. I think it looks so pretty against the stainless.

And here are the hardwoods

Living room

This is a shot of the entryway to show the texture…it’s weathered so if the kids are rough with the floors it won’t show quite so much

Messy schoolroom/entry

Dining room

Another shot of the dining room

4 thoughts on “Phriday Photos of Our Phabulous Phloors

  1. Gorgeous! I'd love to find out more about them when I get back. Would love to put in hardwoods and tile someday.I hope when I get back we can have that coffee time together.


  2. Everything looks great! You'll be amazed at how much dirt you sweep up now that was previously hiding in your carpet!!! Plus knowing that you got that dirt out will make you feel so squeeky clean!!!


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