Where Little Cable Cars Climb Halfway to the Stars

There’s not much to say here. San Francisco is one of the greatest cities around. We tried to cram in a lot of it in the one day we had there.

Enjoy the pictures.

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  1. Dorci

    My hubs and I went to San Francisco for our 10th anniversary. We loved it. We took a catamaran ride in the bay and windy storm picked up and we thought we'd fall right out! But we made it back safe and sound. I think our trip was shortly after the move The Rock came out, which I loved. So, of course we had to take a ferry ride over to Alcatraz and walk around there for a while. Very fascinating. And we had to stand at the corner of Haight and Ashbury. You might be too young to know about that. And yeah, and the sea lions! We ate lunch near a bunch of them and watched. It was the greatest. Anyway, great pictures! And good song, too.


  2. GrandmaK

    Whew what a cable car ride!!! It truy was a grand day in The CIty!!! Right now I'm thinkin' chocolate,,,So glad you had such a good time. Cathy


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