Scene: Cameron is spotted by Daddy spinning around in the neighbors’ yard.

Daddy: Cam, what’re you doing?
Cameron: Just getting some vitamin D, Dad.

Scene: Family, after a long, drawn-out drama, has arrived at Sonic for a treat — no really, you will be grateful for it — of ice cream. Andrew and Cameron receive their ice cream sundaes and begin complaining that they didn’t get milkshakes.

Mommy (annoyed): OK, next time we come to Sonic, you can sit in the van while we have ice cream sundaes.

Daddy (trying to get the point across while being nicer than Mommy): Or you can sit here at the table with us while we have ice cream sundaes and you watch.

Andrew (in an eager, helpful voice): OR we could pack our backpacks with food!

Daddy and Mommy both turn from the table immediately to avoid laughing right in his face.

2 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. Great logic, I love it! Of course you just pack your own food. saves money and you still have get to have the sonic aexperience!


  2. I loved the days of having to turn away from the kids because they've said something hilarious while I've been irritated with them. Ours are so old now, though, that we can't even try to hide it. We just laugh, then they laugh. It's a good tension-breaker.


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