Do your children get along with each other? Mine seem to have stopped doing that. This week you could have just called us Queen Crankypants and her Evil Minions, with the possible exception of Maddie, who was Duchess Agreeable Except When She’s Been in Her Highchair Too Long.

There is a BIG, HUGE announcement coming to this blog in the next week. ENORMOUS. EXCITING. Keep watching. (*tease*)

I need a blog facelift, don’t you think? I am so tired of brown. That might happen in the next week also, so if my posting is sporadic you know why. I am trying to give my little internet home an update!

Summer is going well for us…lots of swimming, friends, and for Mommy, school prep. I keep trying to wear the kids out so I have some uninterrupted time to plan for the 2009-10 school year. They keep coming back for more.

We have a new roommate in our home! I will introduce her to you soon. She is working the score in my favor in both age and in gender. It’s nice to have another adult female around! Plus she is a treasured friend. 🙂

What have you been up to?

4 thoughts on “Random

  1. 1. My children are starting to scream at each other. Why is this? Don't they realize what a horrid, horrid sound screaming is? It seems as though they want to see who will MORE time in their bedrooms for screaming. They're both winning.2. Wow. Can't wait to hear your announcement. I have a few guesses (pregnancy isn't one of them, but…). I've been practicing my patience and will continue hereso.3. You have time for a blog facelift? You are my hero.4. I'd love to be a fly on your wall to see how you plan, with uninterupted time…with 5 kids. 5. Roommate? Looking forward to this story, too. As for what I'm up to…geez, nothing and everything, too. How can one be so busy yet see no real accomplishment other than a growing belly? I was supposed to have a kid-free week next week, but mom broke her wrist yesterday and all my plans are now on hold. Oh well. Que serra. I miss being around your family and love catching glimpses through your blog. Happy rest-of-the summer!


  2. The hardest transitions always seemed to be from the school year to summer and back again. Kids seem to cranky when the order of their schedules and environments are upset. They also tend to get bored in the summer. I tried to create structure for them, but of course that was always more work for me. As they got older we all seemed to enjoy the summer much more and I even looked forward to having their own sweet personalities back, after having taken on some of the not-so-nice characteristics of some kids at school. The time goes by like a fleeting breeze. Enjoy them. Even in their crankiness.


  3. Ok. I'm nervous about your announcement. Please DO NOT MOVE. I know I never see you, but I really like having the option. Ok?And your new look is adorable and a bit disturbing (with all the headlessness). I like it. :)And I can't wait to hear about your roommate too.And I'm really not looking forward to my kids not getting along so if you could go ahead and figure it all for me that would be greaaaat. Thanks a bunch, Milton. 🙂


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