Challies had some gems in his A la Carte today. The first two items are his.

  • Piper Quotes 2: A collection of out-of-context side-splittingly hilarious quotations from one of my favorite preachers. Perhaps my favorite: “That’s what it’s going to be like in heaven. Skin and bouncing balls and lions and lambs lying down together. Dogs. No cats! Well, I guess the lion’s a cat.”
  • Verse Card Maker: type in a Bible reference, and this tool will find the verse and format a memory card for you. Um, wow. Thanks, says this homeschool mom.
  • If you have ten minutes to kill, this video is a pretty big hint about the upcoming announcement I promised. Yes, I am a few days late on that. It won’t be much longer now.
  • And lastly, for my husband, this entry from Indexed. David stands by the efficacy of the neti pot, although his version of it means slurping saltwater up his nose out of a spoon whilst “sputtering” over the bathroom sink. But he hasn’t had a sinus infection in three years…he used to have them repeatedly every winter.

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