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Sponsor a child online through Compassion's Christian child sponsorship ministry. Search for a child by age, gender, country, birthday, special needs and more.

Compassion, International has been on the radar for us for many years, since performers like Caedmon’s Call and Bebo Norman have been dedicated to the organization for a long time and are faithful to raise awareness of the work Compassion does.

Two years ago, David and I made a commitment that for each child’s seventh birthday we celebrate in our home, we would take on sponsorship of an additional child from Compassion.

Why seven? I don’t know. It’s a Biblical number. It’s a long time of God’s provision in a child’s life, and seemed an appropriate time for a child to start to broaden their horizons of the scope of need in the world.

What made the sponsorship a little more special is that Compassion has a feature on their website where you can search by birthdate. So we now sponsor two boys: one — in Kenya — shares his birthday with Cam, and the other — in Bolivia — shares his birthday with Ben.

As long as finances allow and the Lord deems it, we will continue this trend. It’s been a wonderful thing for our kids to correspond with our sponsored child.

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  1. Beth

    Kelly, You might also consider sponsoring a Dalit child in India through Dalit Freedom Network (DFN). This is Kandyce's job. She is the administrator of the child sponsorship program and has personally visited many of the children that are in the program. We met some of them in Hyderabad at the pipe village and at the Good Shepherd school at the OM base where we stayed. Here's a link: is a great birthday present. Hopefully one day, your children will get to meet their sponsored children. Wouldn't that be something!


  2. Jenny Hunt

    Kenya and Bolivia, huh? How CONVENIENT! Now you can visit them both, and kill two birds with one stone in both countries! Wow, God is GOOD 🙂 P.S. I REALLY love the new blog look. Better than I loved the last one, even 🙂


  3. Kelly

    Thanks for that link, Beth. We'll look at that when Andrew turns seven, which is sooner than I'd like to believe. :-)Jenny, that's EXACTLY what I thought! I laughed when the ONLY boy available with Ben's birthday was in Bolivia.


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