Ten years

(Here is the promised slideshow; regrettably the song I was hoping to use didn’t work, so just hum along.)

Our wedding: ten years ago this evening.

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  1. Josh and Dana

    Congrats, you guys! I can't help but think of the many very obvious ways the Lord has blessed you over those 10 years. Your posts about you and David are often my favorite. I love how you guys interact with each other…genuine friendship. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. laura

    Congrats friends! Indeed, the Lord has blessed you in the past ten years and has certainly blessed the people around you through your marriage! Much love to you guys and thank you for sharing your open book with others!


  3. Family Memoirs

    Oh Miss Kelly! I totally remember this day!!! I also remember the very cool car your parents rented!!! I think it was a convertible and didn't it rain that night??


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