(alternate title: “Because You Never Know Until You Ask”)

Three months ago on a whim I sent a somewhat apologetic email to Andrew Peterson, asking if he and his friends Andy Gullahorn and Andy Osenga (they call themselves “Andy and the Andys“) might be willing to do a benefit concert to help out our friends Jason and Shawnda with their adoption fund.

I was fully expecting to get a form message back that said, “ha ha ha, no way, silly person, you could be a crazed psychopath wanting to take money from us.”

Instead, I received a wonderfully polite reply from Andrew himself stating that he’d love to help out my friends and to please not feel silly for asking, because, “that’s how these things happen.”

Wow. So there you go.

And if you think I don’t feel completely over my head in the arena of concert planning and promotion, you’ve got another thing coming. But basically, Jason and Shawnda are the salt of the earth and I’d do anything to help them out.


Andy and the Andys

appearing at

The Neighborhood Theatre
511 East 36th St
Charlotte, NC
Saturday, October 17th, 2009
Doors at 7/Show at 8
General admission $16

All proceeds benefit Ugandan adoption fund

IF you can…
be on the “street team” (publicizing the event at your church or organization)
volunteer at the concert, please leave a comment here or contact me at
andysincharlotte at


Updated info on the concert as it approaches can be found at

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  1. Josh and Dana

    This is wonderful, Kelly! What a sweet friend you are! I would love to help. I've never seen anything ever printed in our bulletins like this, but since we meet at the Neighborhood Theater maybe the church will advertise it too. I'll check. And, if the Andys need an opening act, our worship team (pro musicians, not just random ppl) is AMAZING. They seem to specialize in funk, jazz and neo soul kinda stuff. Anyway, let me know what you need. I'll help any way I can.


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