Labor Day

In honor of my friends Erin and Stacey, both of whom had a baby yesterday (both girls, named Clara and Landis respectively), and in keeping with Shannon’s timely meme, I am playing along with the Labor Day Labor posts. If you want to join in, please leave a comment and tell us where to find yours!

How long were your labors?

Kid #1, 8 hours
Kid #2, 8 hours
Kid #3, 10 hours
Kid #4, 3 hours

Kid #5, 4 hours

How did you know you were in labor?

Kid #1, contractions
Kid #2, contractions
Kid #3, contractions
Kid #4, contractions

Kid #5, contractions

My water has never, ever, broken on its own. Apparently I make tough uterine sacs. I still have to fight off a shudder when I see a crochet hook.

Where did you deliver?

With all of them, at a hospital. Where the drugs are.

The first hospital I delivered at (for #1 and #2) is a teaching hospital, and I had a whole posse of students come in and “check” me during my first labor. I was an excellent example of a woman who was fully dilated but with an intact sac, so they marched everybody through to see the statistical outlier (me). So many people came in and out I felt like I should have been serving tea and shortbread or something.


Yes, please. I had an epidural every time. However with #5 it didn’t take and they didn’t have time to do it again so she was my first “natural” birth.

Pitocin did bad things to me the one time I had it. It was for child #3, and as soon as they upped the drip, I had one contraction that made me feel like I was being ripped in half even on top of the epidural. It dilated me 5 cm in one shot. That was *ahem* unpleasant, and I vowed to never let that stuff enter my bloodstream ever again if I could at all avoid it.



Who delivered?

Doctors every time, though with Maddie the doctor almost missed her entrance. They had me breathe through a contraction to wait for him. Grr. I thought David was going to punch the labor nurse when she said that.

I’ll never forget the lady who delivered my first child. She relieved my own OB in the last hour of my labor. She was very no-nonsense; she reminded me vaguely of a softball coach from my hometown. When it came time to push, she looked at me and said, “OK, Kelly, when you feel the next contraction, just take a deep breath and push like hell.” Now those are directions I understand.

5 Responses to “Labor Day”

  1. Penny Penguin

    I shudder thinking about pitocin! Nasty stuff! 5 contractions without more than 20 seconds between followed by 2 minutes to breathe. Rinse and repeat for 4 hours until epidural time.


  2. Joy

    Had to laugh about the crochet hook! My last three all came 1/2 hour after they broke my water. Despite my warnings to the staff that birth was imminent, they were not ready for any of these three. With #5, the nurse started panicking and yelling, Wait! Wait! Stop! (Yeah, right!) Dr. ran in, delivered baby and turned to Nate and said, "You were watching, so you know what to do next time, right?"


  3. Beck

    I had pitocin with my second child, The Baby Who Really Wanted To Stay Put. He was 42 weeks and TEN POUNDS and needed to GET OUT, but what a NASTY labour that was!It's funny how different each labour is, eh?


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