Stuff I Learned From My Naturopath: Xylitol

It’s getting on towards cold and flu season now, and one item I always stock up on is xylitol gum.

Here’s the brand I buy: Spry Gum.

What is xylitol, you ask? My naturopath introduced it to me because of our history with strep bacteria. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that has antibiotic properties, particularly towards those which cause pneumonia and strep. It’s found naturally in strawberries and plums, but it’s also sold in bulk (though pricey!) and in different products like spry gum.

You can find Xylitol gum in mainstream outlets (IceBreakers gum contains xylitol) but frequently xylitol is paired with aspartame in these products. I try to avoid aspartame, so I visit my natural foods store every once in a while to stock up on Spry, which contains no artificial sweeteners.

Yesterday I discovered that the Vitamin Shoppe carries it for about two-thirds of the price of the natural foods store. Wow!

If your family struggles with ear infections, pneumonia, or strep, you might consider making xylitol part of your diet. It has worked very well for us! Antibiotics have not been needed in our family for over two years now, and David and I have even found that it seems to lessen the length of our run-of-the-mill colds.

2 thoughts on “Stuff I Learned From My Naturopath: Xylitol

  1. I remember the gargantuan battle you had with all those bugs a few years ago, so I'm definitely willing to consider it. But, one question – How do you ingest it? Put a little between cheek and gum? Sneak it in the morning O.J.??


  2. The bulk stuff is cup for cup the same as sugar, so I put some in my morning coffee. I like it better than stevia (but of course it's more pricey). But mostly we just use the gum…it's recommended by dentists, also.WOW, do I ever sound like a commercial! 😀


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