Post #1000

Yes, indeed. You read that right. I have now blathered on for exactly 1000 posts. Thank you, gentle reader, for your patience, kindness, encouragement, and humor.

In honor of my thousandth post, I would like to name today

Musings’ Official De-Lurking/Gratitude Day.

We can all use daily reminders of God’s gracious dealings with His children, and sometimes we need it more than ever. I’d like this post to be a place we can all return to and remind ourselves of how kind the Lord is, in big ways and small.

Regular commenters, please leave me a comment recounting the Lord’s faithfulness to you since February 11, 2006 (the day I started this blog). It should have nothing to do with me or my blog…just a way in which He’s blessed you in that time.

Lurkers, come out of hiding! Say hello and leave a grateful comment, as well.

I’m opening up the “anonymous” comment option again, in order to enable this. 🙂

But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that being justified by his grace we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life.

Titus 3:4-6

12 Responses to “Post #1000”

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Mrs.Kelly:)Sonia here. Well, I wouldn't want to take up the whole page with thankfulness, so I'll keep it short. What comes to mind first is the little life of our Olivia. I am overwhelmed with amazement and gratitude for His grace in ALL of our lives concerning her. There is no medical reason for her to be thriving without issues. Soli Deo Gloria!


  2. cascadingwaters

    Hey, Kel, I love the new fall decor!Since 2006…we got Colin ordained! There were times I wondered if we'd ever get there: nights when we sent him off to class (again) and the kids were sick and I was tired and I thought June of 2009 would never come.Praise God we made it!And congratulations on making it to 1000 so gracefully!


  3. Beth

    Dear, dear Kelly,A lot of water under the bridge since February of 2006, some of it turbulent and painful for us both. But, after coming out into calmer waters, I am very thankful that YOU are my friend, thankful for the times we've had to sit and enjoy each other, thankful for such a wise, thoughtful, and encouraging friend with whom I can talk with about children and books and music and God and life and being a mom and homeschooling and more! Looking forward to more times together in the months ahead.Lots of love,BethPS I'm also just thrilled to pieces and thankful beyond imagining to be a Gramma!


  4. sunnyrock

    2006? Wow that seems long ago, but very recent all at the same time. Since then Jesus has brought us through some nightmarish pain and anguish but He has seen us through and His grace was evident. Our love and faithfulness to Him is stronger and we've seen His goodness is small ways especially when we've felt abandoned. We are gratful for His faithfulness in our lives and the grace that He has shown us through our pain. It's all Jesus. We didn't achieve anything on our own. It's all Jesus. His grace everyday. "It is well with my soul."


  5. GrandmaK

    Times of gratitude are TNTC, but one most recent was in sharing time with my brother Tom and Kathleen on Lake Tahoe! WOW!!My congrats!!! It's been a pleasure to visit you! Cathy


  6. Rebecca

    Thankfulness abounds in our household: for a restored, new and more loving marriage; for the chance to love and care for two wonderful foster children and see them flourish now living with their family; for a gorgeous niece and nephew who are teaching us daily about patience and faithfulness; for the weeding out of friends who were not true and the gaining of deeper relationships; for the opportunity to welcome our amazing two year old into our family and for the hope of gaining his brothers and creating our forever family; for the privilege to serve the unloved in Camden, NJ. Perhaps largest of all is my restoring faith in His love and goodness which was lost somewhere in the midst of the ugliness of life. Praise be to God!


  7. LeahB

    Hi Kelly – just making my presence known…I check your blog often for general amusement. 🙂 Thanks!Leah


  8. AmyLeite

    Congrats on the 1000th post, Kelly. I'm so impressed! God is gracious in sustaining me minute by minute. It's been an emotional, trying day and I'm grateful that He gently and graciously teaches and disciplines me.


  9. Melanie

    In Feb 2006, I was 8 months pregnant with my first child. Now, I'm 8 months pregnant with my 3rd. God has, for now, blessed me with these.Love to you.


  10. Michaelanne

    Kell, reading this a little later than the other comments, but glad to participate! The last three years have been really hard ones and probably the most spiritually REAL that I've ever had. I praise God that today I can say that I see some of it making sense, though I know we're not promised that. it's a gift. thanks for blogging. (I also want to call out the other two lurkers that I know are reading you… come on out! make your appreciation known!) love you kell!


  11. Scotty and Lisa

    Since Feb. 2006, God established us in an amazing community in Bolivia, opened to doors to our church plant, seen us through the greatest trials we've experienced so far as a married couple, and given us abundant joy through it all. I'm particularly thankful for what we have now- time home with our friends and family. Hoping to include you and yours in this time soon! Thanks for your faithful sharing of thoughts and lessons learned.


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