Goodbye, Mary

Peter, Paul and Mary — staples of my childhood as well as my husband’s — are no more. Mary Travers passed away last night.

I remember my dad talking about how unsettling it was to hear that deep, lusty voice emerge from Mary’s willowy, blond, size-2 frame. I only knew Mary in her later years, when she wasn’t quite so little. But her voice never changed.

The earliest memories I have of the group’s music come from an album entitled Peter, Paul and Mommy. The album contains original compositions for children as well as traditional folk songs. I loved it so much that I put it on Cameron’s Amazon wish list last year, and my mom bought it for him for his birthday. Now it is a staple of my children’s life, as well.

The first song on the album is our favorite: “The Marvelous Toy.” Here is an extended concert version of it which demonstrates why they were so good live. Every time WGBH — the PBS affiliate in Boston — raised money while I was growing up, they would show Peter, Paul, and Mary, because people couldn’t turn it off. Well, maybe some people could. My family certainly could NOT.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, and Ron and Cathy, for bringing us up right 🙂

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Mary

  1. Oh, Stewball was a racehorse.And I wish he were mine. He never drank water.He always drank wine.His bridle was silver,His mane it was goldAnd the worth of his saddleHas never been told.Oh, the fairgrounds were crowded,And Stewball was there,And the betting was heavyOn the bay and the mare.And way up yonderAhead of them allCame a-prancin' and a-dancin'My noble Stewball.——————–Pop says…those were the good old days.


  2. Mara has been very impressed that I know all the words to "Puff the Magic Dragon" which her kindergarten teacher read to her class a lot last year. Incidentally, have you seen the new version of the children's book for that? It's what her teacher had…in it, Jacky comes BACK with his daughter to be Puff's new friend! Call me a softy, but it made me feel much better.


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