For Those of You Who Might be Looking For Pictures…

The Happy, Happy Couple

The ring
(ow, my eyes!!!! WOWZA!!!!)

More to come later.

7 Responses to “For Those of You Who Might be Looking For Pictures…”

  1. Laura

    yay…. woohoo…..*whistle*….. cheers…..congrats friends!!!!!! the ring is BEAUTIFUL! so excited for you!


  2. AmyLeite

    Please tell her congrats from the FCC gang she met when y'all were out here visiting. We're so happy for her!!!


  3. Erica

    thank you thank you thank youi needed that ring pic.xops . . . about to put on my APRON and fix dinner.


  4. Jenny Hunt

    SERIOUSLY…SO thankful for pics, since Erin's camera is broke'd'broke. YAY! I SO wish I was there to celebrate in person!


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