UPs and DOWNs

UP… We went to the Derek Webb/Sandra McCracken concert here in Charlotte last night…very fun. LOUD, and wonderful, and oh Sandra can I just be like you? Please?!! It got me PUMPED for the Andy and the Andys concert next month. There was buzz about it in line, and I saw a guy photographing the poster on his iPhone. 🙂

DOWN… It seems my body is falling apart…just the musculoskeletal system, so no biggie. I alternate between having a sore back and having a sore side, and in general I’m finding that I just sit and stand in an unbalanced manner practically ALL THE TIME. I lean to the right, and that’s not a political statement.

DOWN… 83% humidity in September is WORSE than 83% humidity in July, because you look out the window and think, “oh, look how pretty the light is! Just a perfect fall day!” and then you walk outside and then BLAM! It hits you…not a pretty fall day. A pretty moist day best observed from the comfort of your still air-conditioned home.

UP AND DOWN… I would like to come out publicly as a Failure of a Gardener this summer. Hoping for a better fall.

UP… Have I told you yet that you should read The Prodigal God? Because you should.

UP… I love it when I reach Friday and most of the groceries I bought last week are gone. If the fridge is relatively clean, that means we’ve been doing a good job consuming what we have.

UP… I recently realized that I find it incredibly romantic when a man notices a woman’s hair. There are three instances of this that I can document here: (a) Paul Simon’s mention of “the way she brushed her hair from her forehead” in his song “Graceland,” (b) Tom Hanks saying something about the fetching way Meg Ryan’s hair fell across her forehead in “You’ve Got Mail,” and (c) Steven Delopoulos‘ line about “my hand slipped through her hair,” in his song “She Held My Hand.”

So…not much life-altering here. Happy Friday.

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