Some links you might be interested in:

  • Pioneer Woman has a homeschooling portion to her website, did you know? She has a homeschooling contributor named Mrs. G who I love. “Free and easy” is how she describes her interaction with books today, and I think that phrase accurately represents much of her approach. She is a breath of fresh air to still-new-at-this moms like me.
  • Tim Keller is occasionally blogging now, did you know? Today’s post is called Preacher-Onlys Aren’t Good Preachers.
  • This postmodern apology slip was posted on both JT’s blog and Challies, and yet I repost it. Because it’s that true and hilarious.
  • In two days, some of my favorite artists will be coming to one of my favorite venues to benefit some of my favorite people. I feel SO blessed to be involved. If you want to know more about the adoption itself, last night Shawnda started scratching the surface with Why Uganda?

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