Just popping in here to say hello! We are all mostly recovered. All that remains is a beastly cough for most of us. The kids all sound like smokers and we’ve been pushing the mucinex.

Never a dull moment…in about an hour we’ll be leaving for the airport to pick up my mom, who will be staying with us this week.

But I do want to get back to blogging more this week! I haven’t updated you on how the concert was….I plan to give you a rundown on “What To Expect When You Have the Swine Flu”…and I’ve been rolling around some plans for a couple series.

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  1. Rachael Starke

    Was just going to email you today to make sure you were all alive and surviving. Praise God you are! I'd love to be blessed with your wisdom post-swine flu, if only to give you even a small reason to be grateful for the adventure! Can't believe how bad it sounds – we've had a few folks here get it, and I'm suprised how long it lasts!!And did David really not ever get it? That's special grace right there.


  2. AmyLeite

    Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, so glad to hear your great news! Sounds like the kids coughs are a good reminder to make them aware of the dangers of smoking! 🙂 God is good to bring you all through this by His grace.


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