"Home Schooling"

CHARLOTTE – More parents who are upset over teacher cuts, and other issues with public schools, are turning to “home schooling”. But, some people questions whether home schooled kids get the same experience and social skills.

The upside: the news piece was positive! How refreshing! We know some of those rope-skipping girls!

The downside: it seems the writer of the piece above could have used some “home schooling” to teach him to avoid “excessive quotation marks,” and extra commas, so that it doesn’t appear that “home schooling” is something that happens, only in “fairy land,” conducted by “wizards,” and “elves.”

For more comical grammar mistakes, look here.

2 Responses to “"Home Schooling"”

  1. cascadingwaters

    You don't have elves at your house?You need some elves!(sorry, I know that's completely gratuitous, but I was tickled by the notion of your sitting there with your kids and elves and wizards.)


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