Please Pray

Hi friends,
I would ask you to pray for Cameron today and in the coming days, as he is still not recovered from the stomach flu that he and his brothers contracted two weeks ago. He has seen our pediatrician, who felt that he was just taking a long time bouncing back.

This is not unexpected, since Cam is our least “hearty” child. He always hangs onto sickness the longest of anyone in the family. But he is battling discouragement now, and to be honest so am I. I took all the kids to Wal-Mart yesterday to buy him some Pepto for kids, and he threw up in a trash can just outside the door to the store. (it has crossed my mind that I might end up on that “people of walmart” blog now…)

To be clear, he is not vomiting consistently every day, so there is very little risk of dehydration. It’s more subtle than that…he will throw up every two days or so. It usually happens as soon as we try to give him something more to eat than saltines and toast.

At the advice of the doctor, we are doing liquids only after 4 p.m. You can imagine the drama that unfolds after that time…family eats, Cameron gets really sad, and on and on it goes.

We are thankful…

  • that this is the only illness we are dealing with, as opposed to something far more serious
  • that he is not contagious and the other children are well
  • that David and I never contracted this virus
  • for washing machines and bleach

My apologies for not appearing here of late! Maybe I will post some Thanksgiving pictures later today.

7 Responses to “Please Pray”

  1. Jennie

    forgot to say, i went through a period of throwing up as a child and tommy & laurin went through it too. through trial and error we concluded we don't tolerate dairy or wheat well… it happen so often to them i used to think they were trying to fool me. but I realized we all have sensitivity to dairy and wheat. now instead of throwing up we have other manifestations like headaches, psoriasis and digestion issues. not bad enough to make us go dairy/gluten free though! we all love cheese and breads!!!!! 🙂


  2. Kelly

    I would consider that, Jennie, but they all got sick simultaneously. They are all better now (Jonathan still has some lingering symptoms) except for Cameron.He seems to be having a good day today. Thanks for praying.


  3. Woodpilemom

    So sorry, Kelly. That is hard all around. Let Cam know we are praying for him, and Andrew especially. I emphasize with him as I was always the sickly one in my household. Always the first to get sick and the last to get well. As a little girl I thought it was so unfair. Now I see it as God giving me the ability to have been a more understanding nurse when I was working. Maybe He is preparing Cam for something he needs to have the gift of compassion, patience, and mercy for. If he likes to talk on the phone and could use some social output I can have Andrew call him. Please let me know if you need anything.


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