Praise the Lord, We’re Better

We’re on day 4 of a bland diet for Cam, Jonathan, and Maddie. But…I think…this time it will stick.

Thanks for praying for us. I have felt very encouraged by your comments and inquiries 🙂

And I learned something! Want to hear it?

In a pinch, the lampshade to this lamp from IKEA

makes a handy puke bucket for a child in an upper bunk.
But you might want to throw it out when the stomach flu is over. Fortunately ours was already broken and needed to be pitched.

5 Responses to “Praise the Lord, We’re Better”

  1. Rachael Starke

    Praise. The. Lord.And I'm trying to understand how the, um, containment, works with the lampshade….maybe it's best not to think about it too long. 🙂


  2. lmngirls

    Randomly, I just had a quiet moment and read through your "love story," loved it! I'm so happy and feel so refreshed to be reminded about what a real love story looks like. There's the dates at the nutcracker and seeing lame movies together like Armegeddon, and then there's knowing he still likes you years later when you use lamp shades to catch puke. Now that's happily ever after, if you ask me!Christina


  3. Kelly

    Rachael, hoping this makes you feel better: the lampshade is bucket-shaped, so there is no hole at the top.If that doesn't clear it up, yes, stop thinking about it. It's just not that important.


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