Once Upon a Time…

there was a girl named Erin.

She was a bright light in her circle of friends, illuminating faces with fun and laughter wherever she went. God blessed her with a special gift for making people smile. She loved children and decided to become a teacher so she could spend her days loving them.

She came to Charlotte, bringing her smiling light and many friends with her. She made new friends while keeping the old. She gave parties, played games, and followed hard after God.

One new friend she made was named Kelly. Kelly and Erin discovered that as well as getting along swimmingly, they had many strange, random things in common, most notably an optimism that borders on total craziness sometimes. This made for many moments of hilarity. Erin showed up on Kelly’s blog a few times, like here. Wave hello, Erin. (wave hello, readers)

Another new friend Erin made in Charlotte was named Ben. Ben and Erin liked hanging around together. They, together with a lot of their friends, went camping, visited the mountains, and had lots of fun. They had long, deep conversations. They shared a passion for the Lord and His glory and for missions. They made each other laugh like nobody else could.

They became friends.

They were friends for a long time.

And then they weren’t.

And then they fell in love…

And now they’ll be best friends for the rest of their lives.

Congratulations, Erin and Ben! We love you!

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